Google AdsWe get asked all the time about what Google Display Ads sizes should be created. Having a wide range of Google’s most important ad sizes is imperative in optimizing your display ads because it gives you more reach. For example: If you only design 1 ad size, for instance a 300X250 ad,  and Google has the opportunity to show your ad but a website only has a 200×200 ad space available your ad won’t be shown and you miss out on that impression. Good news is, most ad sizes are broken into 3 categories – Square, skyscraper and leaderboard. So once a designer creates those 3 Google Ad types, it will make it easier to resize the ads for all other Top Google Ad sizes.

Below are the top ad sizes we always recommends.


File Size: Under 150KB

Top 10 Google Ad Sizes

  1. 300×250
  2. 336×280 
  3. 728×90 
  4. 300×600
  5. 250 x 250 
  6. 200 x 200 
  7. 468 x 60
  8. 120 x 600 
  9. 160 x 600
  10. 970 x 90


Mobile Ad Sizes

With Mobile traffic continually increasing it is imperative to have display ads that look neat and clean on mobile devices. Many times these ad sizes will also be showing on mobile apps so keep messaging short and calls to action easy to read. 

Recommended mobile ad sizes:

  1. 320×100
  2. 300×200
  3. 300×50
  4. 300×100
  5. 250×250
  6. 200×200

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