UTM Blog ImageMany successful marketers use tools to measure and track the efficacy of their digital marketing campaigns. This includes Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) codes. UTM codes are snippets of codes that are added to the end of a URL. In turn these attached UTM codes are then used to pinpoint specific sources of traffic to a website.

Why are UTM Codes so beneficial?

Using UTM codes is a great way to monitor campaign performance and ROI. We recommend using UTM tracking for email campaigns, paid advertising and even in email signatures. Albeit they may not be the most elegant looking tracking, they are amongst some of the most powerful tools for attributing marketing success to very specific ads and campaigns. When done properly UTM codes allow you to make a connection between your sales conversions and revenue to a specific source.

How to use UTM Codes

Use Google Campaign URL Builder to create tracking links for your campaign.

Fill out the fields in the online form:

Website URL:

Campaign Source

  • Use 1 word or hyphenated words to describe the campaign in lower case format
  • Examples: newsletter, direct mail piece, etc
  • ie: “newsletter” 

Campaign Medium

  • Use 1 word to describe the medium of the traffic in lower case format
  • Examples: email, direct, etc. 
  • For most of your uses you will use “email”

Campaign Name

  • Use 1 word to describe the campaign name, if you have one in lower case format
  • Examples: Product, promo code, slogan, etc. 
  • ie: Date, AMGA, event promotion, etc. 

None of the other fields apply to the type of tracking you need

Once you fill in all of the appropriate fields, your tracking URL will look something like this:

Here’s a look at the tracking in Analytics:
UTM Screenshot

UTM Tracking Screenshot

Use these steps and tools provided to start creating UTM tracking URLS so that you can start tracking the performance and success of your marketing campaigns, paid ads and email signatures. Contact us to learn more about UTM codes and how they can benefit your company today.

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