A/B Testing

If you want to improve your conversion rate, your best tool is A/B Testing. This is a simple but powerful technique that lets you measure many different elements in a campaign. A/B testing, also known as split testing, is grounded in the scientific method. It involves isolating as many variables as possible to determine what works best and you should always put together a hypothesis before you start the test.

With a landing page, for example, you might test your headline, copy, images or the information requested in your opt-in form. If you wanted to test the effectiveness of two different opt-in forms, you’d arrange it so that half of your visitors saw Version A and the other half saw Version B. By using an analytics tool or service (Google Experiments), you should quickly find out which version of the form produced the best results. Here are some tips to keep in mind to run successful A/B tests.

Define What You Want to Test

Define what you want to test and only test one element at a time. Otherwise, you can’t successfully measure two variables. If you measure two completely different landing pages, for example, you won’t know why one performs better than the other. If you only change one element, such as the headline, you know exactly what makes the difference.

Run Your Test for 30 Days or More

Allow a test to run for at least 30 days. If tests are too short, they won’t provide accurate results. In the field of statistics, it’s well known that you need a sample of a certain size for accuracy. A/B testing works the same way.

Test, Test and Then Test Again

Do A/B testing regularly. This isn’t a “set and forget” process, but one that you should be doing constantly. This way you can make constant improvements. There are almost countless elements to test.

Repeat Tests Periodically

Retest similar elements periodically. Remember that conditions change. Something that works well now might not perform as well in six months.

A/B testing a good tool to measure factors that affect your conversion rate. Conversion rate optimization is simply putting into action what you learn from your testing. Over time, this process gives you the ability to continually improve every aspect of your campaigns.

Improving your conversion rate is the secret to making your business more profitable without adding more sales people or additional spend budget.

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