The inaugural OrlandoiX Digital Expo was filled with influential speakers and great content. The digital portion of the conference was based around what is happening in digital media and what can we expect in the future. The speakers did a great job discussing some of the challenges and successes they have had with different campaigns as well as how they work together as a team to produce the best work possible. Below are some of the highlights from the speakers….

How Technology Impacts the Game & Fan Experience – Michelle McKenna-Doyle the CIO of NFL

  • Social Strategy
    • Create authentic content that is true to each social media platform
    • Tease the audience
    • Plan content that will help convert

Digital Content Movement – Drew Walkup the VP of Marker Studios

  • The digital world is changing who is able to create content and how it is shared
  • There is a low barrier to entry now that you don’t need expensive professional video cameras and editing software to make great content
  • People are now using video to create content, review products and make music mashups

When Creativity Meets the Corporation Panel

  • It is imperative for teams to collaborate and communication
  • Ensure everyone has defined rolls so the team can stay nimble
  • Have strong brand guidelines so everyone is on the same page
  • Set creative limitations – Don’t stop creativity but focus on the main goal first and then if there is time allow for free flowing creative ideas
  • Do not dilute your brand to get things done quickly!!

Running the Red Line – Ted Murphy the founder of Izea

Things every Entrepreneur should know …

  1. Do not do too much at once
  2. Do not die before you succeed
  3. Don’t do things for the wrong reasons – stay away from the hype
  4. Protect yourself – Even from the people you believe you can trust
  5. Be grateful not greedy
  6. Be Persistent – #TheStruggleIsReal

The Death of Organic Panel

  • Worry more about the quality of your content vs. the search engines
  • Organic search isn’t dying, it’s just becoming a more level playing field
  • Your primary residence is you website, make sure you have a clean and solid foundation

Web As You Know It Is Over (And What You Can Do About It) – Matthew Knell the VP of Social & Community Strategy at

4 Reasons why the web is changing

  1. Mobile is finally the primary platform
  2. Search isn’t dominate anymore
  3. Line between media and distribution is blurry
  4. Private is the new public

3 Things you can do about it

  1. Offer social sharing tools on your website
  2. Optimize meta data for social
  3. Keep RSS feeds updated

Marketing Millennials Across All Platforms Panel

  • Micro content consumption
  • The normal social trifecta of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is not the same. The Millennials social trifecta is Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Have consistency across all platforms
  • Mobile needs to be #1 for Millennials!

These are just some of the highlights, there was a lot more speakers and information. For more goodies you can check out the conference hashtag #OrlandoiX2015. Overall OrlandoiX Digital Expo was a success and Moxie Digital looks forward to attending in the future!!

About Jenni Mullins

Jenni has 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing. She has worked with clients of many different sizes and in many different industries. She decided to start Moxie Digital to take all the expertise she has and assist small to medium sized business.